Famille Sylvain

« Famille Sylvain » brand formalizes the reunion of our different companies.

Driven by the desire to constantly progress and improve the quality of their products, they best adapt their manufacturing methods while always listening to their customers.

Tonnellerie Sylvain

23 route de Lyon – D1089
33910 Saint-Denis-de-Pile – France

Phone: +33 5 57 55 46 36

Tonnellerie Sylvain, near Saint-Emilion, makes 100%-French oak barrels. The cooperage exists for over 3 generations and guarantees the origin and the quality of its raw material in  controlling each step of its production.

Between tradition and innovation, it offers an adapted product range to the needs of the winemakers of all over the world.

With an annual production of 33,000 barrels the Tonnellerie Sylvain exports about 70% of its production overseas. It is known to be one of the leader on the market thanks to its know-how and is present in all the most famous wine estate.

Whether it is for the purchase of our oak, in the manufacturing methods of our barrels, the management of our production waste, or in our daily actions, the environment is one of our main concerns.

We are constantly trying to improve the practices in place to reduce our environmental impact and participate in the general effort to preserve the resources.

Tonnellerie Meyrieux

17 Rte de Marey – 21700 Villers-La-Faye – France
Phone: +33 3 80 62 99 89

Tonnellerie Meyrieux, located in Burgundy, integrates Famille Sylvain in 2010.

Dynamic and artisanal, Tonnellerie Meyrieux perpetuates the unique know-how of Burgundy cooperages by making barrels of character and quality.

It produces barrels from Feuillette 114 L to 600 L barrels.

The production process is traditional and based on a unique wood aging which provides a uniform and natural drying in the open air thanks to a “chimney” stacking. The toasting, carried out on a bed
of coals with an open flame, are traditionally slow and penetrating to reveal the subtle aromas of wood.

Tonnellerie Meyrieux currently produces some 6,000 barrels a year and aims to become one of the leading coopers in Burgundy.

Marc Grenier

Route de Villy – 21250 Corberon – France
Phone: +33 3 80 26 67 76


Marc Grenier established his foudrerie in the heart of Burgundy in 1982. n 2015, having reached retirement age, Marc Grenier handed over the running of his Foudrerie to the Famille Sylvain while assisting Rémi Sylvain, the third generation of coopers and a wood engineer, and was fully reassured as to the proper transmission of his expertise and the continued quality of his products. Both families share the same philosophy and the same desire to maintain a business on a human scale with a strong craftsman character.

Particularly attentive to providing his customers with a quality raw material, Rémi Sylvain, selects mature oaks mainly from prestigious French forests, but also oaks from local forests to associate the wine-growing terroir and the forestry terroir.

Naturally and exclusively air dried aged, for 4 years depending on the thickness, the woods provide the wines with the best organoleptic qualities.

Each cask and vat made in the workshops of the Foudrerie Marc Grenier are tailored-made to meet the demands and technical constraints of each customer.

80% of the work is carried out manually, using an ancestral know-how, paying special attention to the finishing work to deliver casks and vats with a particularly neat aesthetic

The large containers, that he manufactures with passion and respect for the wood, provide the wine with subtle aromas, excellent thermal inertia and high quality micro oxygenation.

Marc Grenier casks (froms 8 to 90 HL), vats (from 8 to 100 HL) and demi-muid (600L) are present in the very finest cellars in France and around the world.


ZAE de Frappe – 13 rue Clément Ader – 33910 Saint Denis de Pile – France

Located a few kilometers from Tonnellerie Sylvain, Tonnellerie Maintenance Service (TMS) is dedicated to the maintenance, design and making of specific machines used for the manufacture of barrels or the preparation of staves.

TMS meets the needs of Famille Sylvain companies in order to constantly improve processes, productivity and quality.

TMS also has a R&D branch (research and development) dedicated to the research for new products and innovative solutions.


State of the art of curved sawing in stave milling: methods and perspectives presented at the 10th Journées Scientifiques du Groupement De Recherches (GDR) des Sciences du Bois

Sylvain Bois

23 route de Lyon – D1089
33910 Saint-Denis-de-Pile – France
Phone: + 33 5 57 55 46 37


Eager to optimize the quality of the barrels and to control the entire supply chain, Jean-Luc Sylvain decided to integrate a stave mill at the Saint-Denis de Pile site and created Sylvain Bois in 2000. Better control of the quality of the raw material and better control of wood purchases according to customer requirements, such were the ambitions of Tonnellerie Sylvain.

Each autumn, after having scrupulously identified the plots and lots of oak wood of the highest quality to provide the best staves, Sylvain Bois’ buyers mainly go to the auctions organized by the ONF buy the most beautiful lots.

Then, in close collaboration with loggers, the oaks are felled in winter. The logs are delivered to Sylvain Bois stave mill. Then the precise work of transforming the log into staves begins, with the operations of cutting the logs, splitting, sawing, edging.

Yonne Merrain

ZA des Hates du Vernoy, 89130 Toucy – France

Phone: +33 3 86 45 17 63

Yonne Merrain is the main stave supplier for both Marc Grenier and Tonnellerie Meyrieux, and is a key part of the unique Famille Sylvain identity that imbues our barrels, vats and casks.

The stave mill is ideally located, sitting in the middle of the forests which supply their oak. What’s more, it is near both Tonnellerie Meyrieux and Foudrerie Marc Grenier, keeping the transport carbon footprint down to a minimum.


A series of unique, specialist tools have thus been developed within Yonne Merrain, to split long logs into staves. In this way, the casks are made from split wooden staves, giving them an excellent seal. The techniques involved are inspired by those used to split logs for standard barrels, and guarantees the highest level of quality for these containers.


Château La Rose Perrière

33570 Lussac – France
Phone: +33 5 57 55 14 64
Email :

The purpose of these experiments is to better understand the association of the characteristics of the oak wood origin with the characteristics of the grapes and finally to assess the impact of the wood on the wine over time. The principle aim is to define the best marriage between oak wood origin and wine variety/assembly.

The second aim is the optimization of the process of use of the barrels by assisting the purchasers of barrels in their wine making techniques.

The third aim is to enable our coopers to improve their know-how and check if their production practices have an impact on wine.
This is clearly a question of improving production processes to provide the customer with a highly dependent product. 

At last, this is also the training center for the sales team.


Château La Rose Perrière is open to wine-lovers for tours of the vineyards, cellars and gardens. The tours are followed by a tasting of our wines. Visiors are also welcomed to stay in one of the three bedrooms in an outstandingly lush setting in which you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the estate.

Located in Lussac, La Rose Perrière is one of the oldest estates in the appellation. Jean-Luc Sylvain fell for the charms of this unusual estate, its colourful history and its exceptional clay-and-limestone terroir and bought it in 2003.

Since then, besides the winemaking activity, Château La Rose Perrière is Famille Sylvain R&D laboratory.

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